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Mission & Vision

Hi guys! KJ’s Gourmet Bakery is a new and upcoming bakery. We specialize in making upscale cakes and cookies. Our love for desserts and sweet treats is what motivated me to start this business. KJ’s Gourmet Bakery is the perfect way to end any event or special occasion.


My name is Kali Johnnise Fogg (KJ for short). I am a mom of two and married to a military man. I started KJ’s Gourmet Bakery in the summer of 2020. Being your own boss and making money on your terms was my goal during this pandemic. I decided to take my rainy-day fund and invest in something I love. Baking has always been a passion of mine and something I experimented with quite often. While I lack all professional culinary training, I have found that whatever could not be answered on Google or YouTube, could simply be tested on my mom or family members… who were always brutally honest with me.


My dream for this business is not to only help my family, but to bring the community together through delicious cakes and cookies.